Click to enlarge2100 Watt PV
Engineered Grid-Tie
Net-Metering System

Solar grid tie 2.1 Kw AC output with SunnyBoy 2100. Solar grid-tie system is designed for residential use. This solar power grid-tie system is designed for net-metering applications for your light industrial, or home power system. Check with your local utility to see what rebates and tax credits are available with your solar grid tie system. These financial incentives make a big difference, and all solar PV and grid-tie inverter equipment is qualified for these rebates.

Includes eight (8) REC Solar 250 watt PV panels 24 VDC. Array the solar pv panels for high voltage. Sunny Boy 1800 Watt AC grid-tie inverter, array wiring, DC and AC disconnects, UniRac mounting structures to secure modules on the roof, electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties and instructions.

Eight (8) REC Solar 250 watt PV modules to be wired in series. System CEC watts (1,719 watts). Output voltage 120 VAC.

All components comply with the 2005 National Electric Code (NEC-2005); IEEE Std 929-2000, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Recommended Practices for Utility Interface of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems; UL 1741-Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety; and the ICBO 2000 International Building Code.

The arrays and inverters are matched for maximum efficiency.

These modular systems can be combined to form larger systems to meet your requirements.

Shipping calculated case by case, please contact for shipping quote. Solar grid tie systems are gaining acceptance in the utility world, and if your utility is publicly owned then you qualify for the rebate and tax credit program.

Solar Grid-Tie PV 2,000 watts DC Panel Module SunnyBoy 2100 watts AC 10-6251Retail Price: $7,147.00Sale Price: $6,547.00