Click to enlarge4,000 Watt Solar
PV Grid Tie
System using SunnyBoy
4,000 watt AC

Solar grid tie PV system rated at 4Kw AC output. SunnyBoy SB4000US grid tie inverter 208/240 VAC. Solar PV array of sixteen (16) high performance solar PV panels rated at 4,000 watts DC.

Solar PV panels from REC 250 watt 24 VDC are combined into strings of Eight by Two. PV Solar Grid Tie net metering system for producing and exporting electricity back into the grid. Use this solar grid-tie system for residential and commercial net metering projects. Solar pv arrays efficiently convert solar energy and are wired in series to produce high voltage capable of pushing this power through the grid tie inverter and into the grid. Your local utility will provide you with information regarding net-metering rebates and tax credits.

This solar PV powered grid tie system for your home of office includes high-quality Evergreen Solar, or SolarWorld photovoltaic PV panels (or equivalent) for high power solar performance in your solar strings. The grid tie inverter GT3300 rated at 3,300 Watts provides AC grid-tie inverter interface, array wiring, DC and AC disconnects, UniRac mounting structure to secure your solar pv modules on your roof, electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties and instructions included.

Sixteen (16) 250 watt PV modules to be wired in series and parallel (8x2). California System CEC watts (3,744 watts). Output voltage 208/240 VAC.

The arrays and inverters are matched for maximum efficiency.

These modular systems can be combined to form larger systems to meet your requirements.

Become a solar energy independent power producer pushing valuable peak-solar energy back into the grid against your bill. If you produce what you consume then you've maxed out your Net-Metering allotment. Use this solar PV system for your solar energy applications.

Weight: 225 lb.

Solar PV Grid Tie 4,000 Watts DC SunnyBoy 4,000 Watts AC 208/240 VAC 10-6299Retail Price: $15,394.00Sale Price: $15,208.00