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PV Grid Tie
Net Metering System
Solar Power 
SunnyBoy 5 Kw AC

Solar grid tie net metering system 5 Kw AC. Solar PV array 4,500 watts DC. Solar PV panels REC Solar 250 watt 24 VDC. Solar array includes eighteen (18) panels.

Solar net metering systems use Solar PV panels interconnected into solar "strings" that energize a suitable grid tie inverter. This solar PV power grid-tie system is intended for residential, commercial and light industrial net metering applications.

Eighteen (18) REC Solar PV panels form the Solar array. SunnyBoy SB5000US uses high voltage. Solar grid tie Kit includes a grid tie inverter SunnyBoy SB5000US rated at 5,000 Watts AC. This high-quality high-efficiency grid-tie inverter solar kit includes array wiring, DC and AC disconnects, UniRac mounting structures for mounting your solar PV modules on the roof, the electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties and instructions also included in solar PV grid tie kit.

Solar modules in this kit include Eighteen (18) Solar PV modules to be wired in series and parallel (12x2) for the proper voltage and system amps. Solar System rated CEC watts (4,808 watts). Solar Output voltage from the grid tie inverter is 240 VAC.

REC solar PV arrays and SunnyBoy inverters are matched for maximum efficiency delivering top performance in the field.

These Solar PV modular systems can be combined to form larger systems to meet your requirements using the SunnyTower inverter combiners.

Use this solar grid connected kit to build a net-metering system for your home or office, roof mounted.

Shipping Weight: 615 lb.

Solar PV Grid Tie 4,500 Watts DC SunnyBoy 5,000 AC Inverter 10-6229Retail Price: $16,373.00Sale Price: $15,977.00