Click to enlarge47,880 Watt Solar PV
Industrial Net Metering
Solar PV System
Large 47 Kw system

This solar grid-tie system is designed for commercial and light industrial use. Use this large solar array system to drive grid tie inverters for large net metering applications for your office building, ranch, or large energy consuming location or facility. This large solar system includes SunnyBoy grid tie inverters that can be combined into large PV arrays.

This large solar PV panel net metering system includes high quality Solar modules from Evergreen, or SolarWorld photovoltaic PV panels (or equivalent). The large solar PV panels power a grid tie inverter from SunnyBox model: ST7000 rated at 7,000 Watts AC watts each. These 7Kw SunnyBoy grid-tie inverters are combined for a total system output 42 Kw AC. This large solar SunnyBoy grid tie system also includes array wiring, grounding hardware, DC and AC disconnects for over-current protection, UniRac mounting structures to attach your solar PV modules to the roof, and includes all electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties and instructions for the complete package.

Large Industrial kit includes Two Hundred and Fifty two (252) Solar PV modules to be wired in series and parallel (14x18) for a whopping 47 Kw of DC power. These six solar strings will combine with a SunnyBoy combiner box, included and combines for a total AC output of 42 Kw AC.

All of the components included with this kit comply with the National Electric Code, the IEEE Standards, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Recommended Practices for Utility Interface of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, the UL 1741-Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety, and the ICBO 2000 International Building Code for total compliance with the NEC.

The Solar PV panels wired into arrays and SunnyBoy inverters are matched for maximum efficiency to produce a top notch solar industrial power plant.

Combine these systems to produce larger and larger outputs, are you planning a large solar power plant? Do you want that plant to supply electricity to the grid? Then this is the monster system for Large industrial Solar grid tie applications.

This large solar system will require an electrician for the actual grid tie part of the installation. Buy your solar pv panels in bulk with this package and take advantage of the lowest prices in the history of the solar energy industry.

47,880 Watt Solar PV Panel Module Grid Tie Solar Net Metering Solar System 10-47KSYSRetail Price: $129,990.00Sale Price: $119,608.00