Click to enlarge6,000 Watt Solar
PV Grid Tie
Net Metering System
6 Kw SunnyBoy AC

Solar PV grid tie system rated at 6 Kw AC. SunnyBoy model SB6000US grid tie inverter rated at 6 Kw AC.

Solar array rated at 6,000 watts DC. Solar PV panels from REC Solar rated at 250 watts 24 VDC are interconnected. SunnyBoy grid tie inverter for net metering.

Large Solar PV grid tie net-metering kit for pushing solar energy back into the electric grid. If your electric utility is publicly owned you have a federal right to sell power back into the grid against your electric bill. Use this large solar array PV power kit to energize your 6Kw grid tie inverter making your solar installation an independent power producer.

Solar PV array includes twenty four (24) high power Solar PV panels. REC Solar PV panels rated 250 watts 24 VDC are interconnected into Three strings of 8 panels each.

SunnyBoy grid tie inverter is a high efficiency model: SB6000US rated at 6,000 Watts AC.

Solar net metering system includes twenty four (24)high-efficiency solar PV modules which will be interconnected in series and parallel (8x3) to reach proper voltage and system amp ratings. This solar System has a CEC rating in California of 5,782 watts. The Solar System Output voltage is 240 VAC as single phase output.

Solar PV grid tie system NEC compliant and qualifies for all State and Federal Tax Credits.

REC Solar PV arrays and SunnyBoy high-efficiency inverters are matched in characteristics for maximum efficiency and productivity in the field.

Combine these modular solar pv arrays to produced larger and larger strings that can be combined to energize grid tie inverters. Need more energy production? Add more solar strings, and even more grid tie inverters from SunnyBoy to complete your large solar grid tie system.

Solar Grid Tie PV 6,000 Watts DC SunnyBoy 6,000 Watt AC Inverter 10-6267Retail Price: $22,579.00Sale Price: $19,987.00