Solar PV Module Battery Charger

Looking for a great way to charge your AA batteries when you're camping or fishing?

The SolarPak by Brunton is a top-notch way to charge your rechargeable AA batteries in the field. Excellent portable solar charger for lightweight ability to charge AA batteries when you're on the go.

Save money by NOT buying batteries and throwing them (toxic waste) away use rechargeable AA batteries and charge them with solar energy. With the SolarPak, and its innovative positioning panel to maximize solar exposure, so you can quickly charge your AA batteries anywhere you have sun.

When you're in the field and you need to keep your AA batteries charged, but you don't want to haul in heavy gear, this charger is light weight, durable, and produces good charging amps especially in cloudy weather. The thin film photovoltaic panels respond well in lower light levels and are chosen to be practical.

Carry this solar power charger when you go in the field. Do not submerge in water. Keep dry. Ideal for charging your AA batteries with solar PV panels.

Ship weight: 2 lb.

AA Solar Battery Charger Solar battery charger for AA batteries BNTAASPRetail Price: $119.00Sale Price: $99.00