Click to enlargeAC Kilowatt-Hour Meter for
3-Phase Form 14/15/16S

AC Kilowatt-Hour Meter.

AC Kilowatt-Hour Meter Model: 14-15-16S

Track your solar PV grid tie output. Kilowatt-Hours earned from your Solar and Wind Energy Systems. These utility-grade, digital Smart kilowatt-hour meters, made by Vision, employ current transformers for extremely accurate measurement and long-term stability, even at low power levels.

Non-volatile memory protects data in the event of a power failure. Monitor your pv systems output with this advanced digital display kWh monitor.

The Vision meter can display kWh delivered, kWh received, kWh net, instantaneous demand, voltage, current, phase angle and segment check.

Weight: 9 lb.

AC Kilowatt-Hour Meter for 3-Phase form 14/15/16S 028-03063Retail Price: $449.00Sale Price: $429.00