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Air 30 Wind Generator

Air X Industrial, (Air 30) wind generator has now been replaced by the Air 30 wind generator. The Air 30 sports advanced electronics to control over speed and over charging of your battery bank. Features: 3 Year Warranty

Air 30 (Air X industrial) has anodized cooling fins for sustained high output. High impact carbon fiber reinforced blades. Air X advanced wind turbines are robust in tough environments. Air X variable pitch twist provides over speed protection. Air X - Air 30 sports an exclusive brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator being Maintenance free. The Air X industrial now the Air 30 has only two moving parts. The AIR 30 has a powder coated cast aluminum body. Stainless steel hardware completes this robust wind turbine. Combine with solar PV panels to produce a charging platform for day and night use.

Rotor Diameter 45" (1.14 meters)

Shipping Weight 33 lbs. (6.2 kg)

Start Up Wind speed 6 Knots (7 mph, 2.7 m/s)

Voltage 12, 24, 48 VDC

Rated Output 300 watts at 24 Knots (28 mph, 12.5 m/s)

Air X - Ari 30 minimizes down time. Air X reduces operating costs with an AIR Industrial (Air 30) wind turbine. Air X,the world's best selling wind turbine, the AIR Industrial (Air 30) has been designed to survive the harshest mountain-top, offshore and extreme sites.

Air 30 - Air X Industrial can be combined with a solar pv panels for off grid battery charging. The Air X (Air 30) charges over a wide ranges of wind speeds.

You won't need a separate tower with this new design. The Air X - Air 30 Industrial wind generator has low wind loading and light weight design. Mount the Air X on existing structures within a few hours.

A 5 year extended warranty is available from Primus wind power for $60. Contact information is included in the packaging. This warranty is required in California and New Jersey installations that use state grants. Air X qualifies for Federal Tax Credits.

AIR X Industrial Wind Generator 12/24/48 VDC 035-001XRetail Price: $1,295.00Sale Price: $1,295.00Voltage: