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Air X battery charging

The Air X wind turbine is now the Air 40. The Air 30 replaces the Air Industrial, and the Air Breeze replaces the Air X Marine wind generator. Air X wind generators for charging 12/24/48 VDC batteries.

The Air X Building on years of experience all over the world, and the new Air 40, (Air X wind geneator) uses state of the art internal battery regulation and charge controlling as well as advanced Over Speed protection. The AIR-X wind generator now Air 30 wind generator builds upon what made AIR X the world's #1 selling small wind turbine. The Air X Air 40 wind turbine with its new technology previously found only in mega-watt-class wind turbines offers the best in Wind Generator Battery Charging systems for 12 and 24 VDC.

The AIR-X, now Air 30 wind generator has been the industry leader for 12 Volt and 24 Volt and 48 VDC battery charging and you can combine multiple wind generators for your own mini Wind Farm. The internal charge-controller keeps your battery bank safe protecting your system from over charging.

The Air X Air 30 wind turbines internal smart controller allows it to control blade rotation speeds thereby eliminating the buzzing noise commonly found with the AIR 403 and 303 in high winds and Air X in decades of experience. Also, a new series of carbon-reinforced blades with precision modified pitch angle further increases the Air 40 real time power generation.

AIR X traditional wind generator designs required from 300-400 amp hour battery banks, so the trickle charge of the wind generator could be adequately absorbed by the system. Air X wind generators can be combined with solar pv panels for an Air X Solar hybrid battery charging home power system.

The (Air X) Air 40 wind generator's interval charge controller occasionally stops charging and reads the battery voltage. The Air X controller compares the voltage to the voltage setting, and if the battery is fully-charged, the controller completely shuts off all current going to the batteries.

Control functions in the Air X are performed within a few milliseconds. Air X voltage regulators protect your battery charging system from Over-charging.

When the battery is to reaching its full state of charge, the more often the Air X (Air 40's) circuit repeats these actions. As your battery reaches its full-charge state, the Air X - Air 40 wind generator will slow almost to a complete stop. When the battery, or battery bank has dropped below its voltage setting point the Air X will start-up and resume battery charging. The Air X battery charger is ideal for your remote site Air X battery charging systems.

Air X now Air 40 Wind Generator Features:

Simple rooftop installation; no tower necessary if mounted to a building. Use multiple Air X units for increasing your Air X wind battery charging capacity.

The Air X wind generator uses strong and lightweight Carbon-Fiber Composite Blades.

Air X uses Aircraft industry quality aluminum alloy castings for precision parts. The Air X wind generator has legs in harsh environments.

Air X features high-efficiency internal battery charge controller.

The Air X (Air 40) wind generator is nearly Maintenance-free - Only two moving parts for reliability in the field.

Quality Auto-brake-feature slows the Air X - Air 40 wind turbine to silent spin for over-speed protection.

Environmental survivability in High Wind Safe Mode (HWSM) - This mode automatically slows the Air X wind turbine in potentially damaging high, and gusting, winds and reduces noise in daily-operation

Neighborhood Friendly - advanced electronics reduce sound levels keeps the Air X quiet.

Dynamic Rotor Diameter: 46" (1.14 meters)

Air X Wind Turbine Weight: 13 lbs (6 kg)

Air X Wind Start up wind speed: 7 mph (3 m/s)

Air X Power Output: 400 watts at 28 mph (12.5 m/s)

Voltage: 12 & 24 & 48 VDC

For land applications only. For marine use, see the Air Breeze.

Warranty: 3 year warranty.

The Air X land has now be replaced with the AIR 40 model and builds on the long and reliable tradition and technology of the AIR X wind technology. New models include improved over speed protection and battery charging protection. Use multiple Air X (now AIR 40) wind turbine units for your own mini wind-farm. Excellent for home power, off grid, on-grid with appropriate net-metering inverter, water pumping and solar Net Metering Systems.

Air X Wind Generator 400 Watts now Air 40 Wind Turbine Air X 16-1032Retail Price: $895.00Sale Price: $895.00Voltage: 

Click to enlargeAIR X Power CurvesPlease click on the image to enlarge. These curves give you the power and energy expected from the AIR 403 wind generator. (use your back button to return)

AIR X STOP SWITCHThis high capacity stop switch allows you to stop the turbine for inspection, and provides a general safety stop switch to stop the blades from spinning. This high-capacity double-pole double-throw switch is a must for the complete, safe operation of this powerful generator.

34-218PRetail Price: $59.00Sale Price: $49.00
Click to enlargeAIR X Tower KitGuyed towers are the standard for simple and durable wind installations. These towers are designed for easy tilt-up to simplify erection. All parts are threaded, so no welding is required.

For use with AIR X wind generators and systems.

Use with 2" schedule 40 steel pipe (not supplied.) The AIR 403 requires a 1-1/2" pipe for the last 5 feet (not supplied.)

AIR X Tower Kit T16155Retail Price: $299.00Sale Price: $249.00
Air X Replacement Blade Set for Air X 12,24,48 VDC Wind Generator BladesAir X wind generators are used all over the world. Replacement blades for the air X, Air Marine, and Air industrial are available. Air X wind generators blades must be purchased in sets of three. Each blade must be perfectly balanced (done at the factory), to insure best performance.

Cast from advanced materials, these Air X blades are designed to give you vibration free operation.

Air X Replacement Blade Set for Air X 12,24,48 VDC Wind Generator Blades AIRXBLDRetail Price: $159.00Sale Price: $149.00