Click to enlargeAir 40 Land Wind Generator
Turbine for 24 VDC Battery Charging
With Internal Voltage Regulator

Air 40 Land Wind Generator for 24 VDC Battery Charging.

Air 40 Land Model: 1-AR40-10-24

Rotor Diameter: 46 inches

Battery Voltage: 24 Volts

Swept Area: 11.5 square feet

Mounting: 1.5" Schedule #40 pipe

AIR X wind turbines allow you to harness the wind's energy to charge an off-grid batter bank. The best-selling small wind generators in the world, AIR turbines are great for sailboats, RVs, remote cabins, and offshore platforms.

AIR X wind turbine incorporates a three-phase brush-less permanent magnet alternator. This PMA generator uses an internal charge controller. This voltage regulator optimizes power production over a wide range of wind speed. Internal voltage regulation continuously adjusts the loading of the alternator. Controller keeps the turbine operating efficiently in most wind regimes.

The Air 40 provides energy for off-grid homes, water pumping, lighting, telecom and anywhere you need electricity and have average annual wind speeds under 15mph.

It has a bare aluminum finish for use in non-corrosive environments, so it is not suitable for marine use. Rated power:

160W at 28mph (12.5 m/s). CSA Listed for the US and Canada.

Lifetime limited warranty.

Weight: 13 lb.

Wind Generator Air 40 Land Wind Generator for 24 Volt Battery Charging 016-01039Retail Price: $995.00Sale Price: $995.00

Click to enlargeMidNite Solar Stop Switch for Air 40 Wind GeneratorMidNite Solar Stop Switch

MidNite Solar's Stop Switch allows you to stop an AIR wind generator and disconnect it from the battery, all with one motion. NEMA 1 indoor enclosure.

MidNite Solar Stop Switch for Air 40 Wind Generator misostswfora4Retail Price: $159.00Sale Price: $149.00