AIR X Wind Generator
with 240 Watts of Solar PV
MK Batteries 97 Ah

Air X wind generator (Air x Land) now Air 40 24 VDC. Solar PV panel REC Solar 240 watts 24 VDC. Use the best of both worlds with solar and wind for your battery charging solar power system. Together solar and wind compliment each other when the sun goes down, usually the wind comes up.

Solar and Wind technology together offer you many advantages for your remote site power supplies. When the sun is up the wind is usually down, and when the sun goes down, the wind speed is usually up.

This tends to give an even charging profile for your battery bank.

The system below includes the following:

One (1) AIR X 12 Volt DC Wind Generator

One (1) AIR X Tower Kit

One (1) Stop Switch

One (1) REC Solar 240 watt solar PV panel 24 VDC

One (1) Top of Pole mount (1.5" Schedule #40 pipe).

One (1) TRACE C-30 Charge-Controller

One (1) TRACE DC175 Safety Disconnect

Two (2) MK Sealed Maintenance-free battery rated at 97 Amp-hours combined.

This system includes all of the components you'll use to produce an independent solar and wind power system that is rated at 400 watts for the wind generator, with 240 watt solar panel 24 VDC.

The power produced will charge your battery bank of at 24 Volts. The Energy produced by this system is estimated at 109 Kwh/Month in a 6.5 Sun Peak location and wind zone IV.

Use this solar and wind power system for remote cabins, remote homes, off-grid power systems including solar and wind water pumping systems.

Air X 400 watt Wind Generator Solar PV 240 watts Panel Solar Module System AIRX240PVRetail Price: $4,999.00Sale Price: $4,799.00

Click to enlargeXantrex 1512 rated at 1.5 Kilowatt AC inverterProduce 1500 Watts AC with the addition of this inverter.

xan15ratat153Retail Price: $895.00Sale Price: $795.00