Complete Solar and Wind Power System
Air X Solar PV

Air X now Air 40 Land wind generator 24/48 VDC. Includes Solar PV panel REC Solar 240 watts 24 VDC. Solar off grid battery charging system energizes Solar and Wind power go together as one is usually dominant. Use this solar PV panel array and Air X wind turbine to charge your batteries during the day and night. When your loads require energy 24/7, of if you use energy during the day and need a good reserve, this Solar and Wind battery charging system is useful.

Designed for off-grid applications such as remote home power, or agricultural irrigation and water pumping, having a battery makes great use of times when your solar and wind resources are strong. The batteries give you on-demand use of this energy.

Rated at 400 watts the AIR X is bundled with 240 watts of solar panels. These Two (2) evergreen 120 watt panels are either ground or roof mounted (please select) and comes with a hugh battery bank that includes four (4) MK L-16 industrial deep cycle batteries.

Kit includes:

One (1) AIR X Wind Generator (24 Volt DC)

One (1) AIR X Tower Kit

One (1) stop-switch

One (1) Industrial Battery Box

Two (2) MK Sealed maintenance free batteries 47 Ah each.

One (1) Trace C-30 Charge-controller (for the solar panels)

One (1) DC-120 Safety Disconnect

Two (2) REC Solar 240 watt (24 VDC) panels

One (1) Top of Pole mount for two REC Solar PV Panels.

This system is rated at 400 watts wind, and 480 watts solar to deliver an average of 127 Kwh/month of energy on demand, based on a 6.5 sun peak hour and wind zone IV location.

Ground mounted solar pv array, and Air X wind generator for charging L-16s deep cycle battery bank. Enclosure for batteries not included.

AIR X Wind Generator and Solar PV Panel 480 Watts 24/48 VDC Off-Grid ARX480Retail Price: $5,999.00Sale Price: $5,599.00Voltage: 

Click to enlargeXantrex 2424 Inverter rated at 2.4 Kilowatt ACProduce up to 2400 watts AC continuous

xan24inratatRetail Price: $1,295.00Sale Price: $999.00