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Wind Generator
48 Volts

When you need one tough Wind Turbine for charging your 48 Volt Battery Array:

The Airdolphin Wind Generators is an innovative low mass wind turbine which instantly adapts to changing wind conditions, from slight to stormy. The total weight of the AIrdolphin is 17.5kg (38.5lbs) allowig it to be mounted on existing structures like remote telecommunication towers, transmission line pylons and billboards.

When you need industrial strength out of your wind turbine on tough sites.

The blades of each Airdolphin are created with Zephyr's patented SD blade technology which applies a series of thin ridges to the surface of each blade, creating micro vortices to keep the airflow attached to the airfoil longer than conventioanal blades to reduce noise.

Intelligent Power Management System

Constant blade rotation speed provides silent and stable operation. The Airdolphin maintains uniform rotor spinning speeds even during turbulent gusts. When the wind speed increases beyond 20 m/s (44.7 mph), the Airdolphin continues delivering output power at a reduced rpm eliminating the need for cut-out entirely. The intelligent power management system inside the turbine achieves its outstanding performance by software driven microprocessors including control firmware, an internal battery charge controller monitoring voltage and charging rates in a variety of climatic conditions, a web interface, and data logging functions.

Zephyr wind turbines are built with bolt-less self-fitting body parts, inspired by Japanese traditional block puzzle craftsmanship. This technique ensures an exact fit and provides superb resistance to adverse weather conditions, greatly minimizing maintenance requirements. All units come with a 5-year warranty.

24 VDC and 48 VDC battery charging models have built in charge controllers. The grid-tie GTO has a 250 VDC output and requires a separate grid-tie inverter. Zephyr recommends using an SMA 3000US or 4000US inverter for grid-tie applications.

All turbines mount on a 1.5-inch Schedule 40 pipe at the top of the tower. Maximum pipe diameter is 1-15/16 inches.

American Zephyr AIrdolphin Towers

American Zephyr towers are made by American Resource and Energy (ARE) and are very heavy-duty sectional monopole (guy-less) towers. The 30-, 45-, and 60-foot towers can be raised with a crane or with the optional Gin Pole kit. 80-foot and 100-foot towers, and motorized lifting jacks for them, are available call for pricing and lead time (typically 90-days).

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