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Kit to Grow Algae

Model: PBR-X80L - Photobioreactor for the Cultivation of Algae.

Algae is being tapped by researchers, universities, colleges, large companies and small all over the world because of their valuable products: amino-acids, anti-oxidants, Omega-III rich lipids and other valuable products. From Bioplastics, to Biofuel markets algae is highly efficiency because they don't put any energy into Roots, Trucks, Stems, Leaves, or Flowers, as terrestrial plants do, and therefore produce higher volumes of valuable products per mass: fast. Often life-cycles for algae are as short as 24-hours.

Rated at 80 Liters this four vessel PBR (20 Liters each) can be used all for one monoculture of algal taxa, or you can use each vessel to grow completely different and separate taxa - up to Four Different Taxa with this Algae Growing kit. Each glass growing vessel is independent of the other vessels with included Bacterial filters and "Pasteur's Curve" exhaust vents.

Complete Photobioreactor (PBR) Kit includes:

Optical System

Mechanical System

Pneumatic System

Biological Filter System

Electrical Fusing/Photoperiod Timer System

Features: Biological filters for Each vessel to sterilize air flow into your culture vessels, and "Pasteur's Curve" output vents to disallow contamination to backflow into your culture vessels. We use Glassware and 100% Non-toxic Food-Grade plastic for sensitive components. Complete Optical System with Heavy Duty Timer. Kits also include all Glassware and fittings, Pneumatic Air Pumps, Mechanical Frame, Fused Electrical system - Everything you need to start growing algal cultures.

Note: Does Not include Taxa or Growth media - sold separately.

All kits include Non-Toxic Evaporating Sanitizer for repeated production runs.

This complete PBR kit allows you to grow up to 80 Liters of culture.

Power Rating: 148 Watts

Cost to Operate: Less than 2 Cents per Hour at 12 Cents/Kwh electricity rates.

Algae for biofuels is gaining momentum as oil-accumulating algae are highly efficient. Using Photobioreactors researchers can "stress" algae by providing more, or less, or a vital factor in their growth cycle. Using algae for biofuels has good physics behind it as algae don't use energy for roots, trunks, stems, leaves, or flowers, they use chloroplasts that are photo-centers that process solar radiation (actually selected wavelengths) and produce organic molecules by "Fixing" carbon.

Footprint: 8 Square Feet

Height: 3 feet

Width: 2 feet

Length: 4 feet

Weight: 57 lb.

Algae Grow Kit Photobioreactor Rated at 80 Liters PBR-X80LRetail Price: $1,299.00Sale Price: $1,199.00