Click to enlargeApollo Solar 
4 Kw Power Panel
for 48 VDC System
with T80HV Controller

Off grid solar PV battery charging power center rated at 4,000 watts AC. Battery charger T80HV for high voltage solar PV arrays. Battery charging voltage 48 VDC. Charge your deep cycle 48 VDC battery array with Solar PV panels and wind generators. Match the charging voltage with your battery voltage 48 VDC.

Apollo Solar Power Panel 4 Kw for 48 VDC with T80HV.

Apollo Solar Power Panel Model: PWP4.0-120-200

Continuous Power Rating: 4,000 Watts AC

Battery Voltage: 48 VDC

AC Power Output Voltage: 120 VAC at 60 Hz

Solar PV battery charger T80HV for high voltage with TSW3224 Inverters. Apollo Solar offers their off-grid 4.0kW inverters factory wired power panels. Rugged T80HV charge controller allow you to wire your solar PV array to high voltage.

Off grid solar battery charging control panels are available with 120 VAC only, or 120/240 VAC split-phase using a single Apollo Solar TSW inverter. Off grid solar PV TSW inverter, with T80HV charge controller. Off grid solar inverter switchgear module (ISM), with DC inverter and controller breakers. Fusing 40 A AC input/output bypass breaker assembly. Solar off grid DC and AC bus bars, with battery temperature sensor, and DC shunt for protection.

Solar off grid DC and AC breakers are front accessible and clearly labeled with room for additional breakers. Options available include an array GFP, a communication gateway for internet monitoring, generator-to-line selector switch, and surge protectors. UL Listed.

Use Solar PV panels REC Solar 250 watts 24 VDC wired in series for higher voltages. Whisper 100 wind generator at 900 watts makes a great battery charger for your home power system.

Dimensions: 42"H x 21"W x 8"D

Weight: 96 lb.

Apollo Solar 4,000 Watt Power Panel with T80HV for 48 VDC 033-05009Retail Price: $4,595.00Sale Price: $4,395.00