10 Kw Wind Generator
Includes Grid-Tie 

The ARE442 wind generator is rated at 10 Kw at 25 mph wind speed. This machine comes in two models: Net-metering, or 48 volt battery charging (please select below). For Net-metering loads over 1,000 Kwh/month this machine is a great choice for turning your electric meter backward.

Rotor Diameter: 7.2 meters (23.6 feet)

Swept Area: 41 square meters (442 square feet)

Configuration: 3-Blade upwind with side furling

Cut-In Wind Speed: 2.5 m/s (6 mph)

Voltage Options: 48 VDC or Grid-Tie

Tower-Top Weight: 1,650 lbs

Grid-Tie Wind Generator includes wind turbine, slip rings WB33OOU (10 Kw) inverter, voltage clamp and diversion load.

INCLUDES 5-Year Limited Warranty

Tower Options: 43 feet, 64 feet, 85 feet, 106 feet (not included, must be purchased seperately).

Energy Production:

If your average annual wind speed is 10 mph then this machine would expect to produce, on average, 1200 Kwh/month.

If your average wind speed is 12 mph, then average energy production is approximately 1800 Kwh/month.

If your average wind speed is 14 mph, then average energy production is estimated at 2400 Kwh/month.

Xzeres 442 Wind Generator rated at 10 Kw includes Grid Tie Inverter ARE442Retail Price: $42,795.00Sale Price: $41,379.00Voltage: