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you have at your Site?

The most important aspect of your Wind Project is the Wind resource at your site. After all, it’s the wind that you’re going to harvest – and convert into useful work. The Power in the wind, and therefore the Energy you can extract, is a direct function of your physical location, and the subtle characteristics of your micro-climate and particular topography.

The Average Wind Speed is a vital consideration and the key question to your wind resource.

Our objective in Wind Resource Assessment is to know this number.

The Average Wind Speed for your site will be expressed in mile per hour (mph) in the English system, and meters pre second (m/s) in the Metric system. One meter/second is about 2.2 mph as a conversion.

The Wind Resource is categorized by average wind speed and organized into Wind Zones. The Wind Zones range from Wind Zone 1 to Wind Zone 7. Wind Zone 1 is the lowest average wind speed, with Wind Zone 7 being the highest.

Most Wind Generators work best in Wind Zones 4 – 7.

HINT: If the wind speed at your site is low then use higher towers to reach faster moving wind.

The wind is always changing in both direction and velocity. Each location on earth is effected by the wind, driven by the uneven heating of the earth by the sun. Wind power is a form of solar energy.

About 2% of the solar energy reaching the earth is converted to wind, producing Tera-watts of Power in air flow over the earth at any one moment. Your Wind Project will tap into some of this power. One average wind storm produces Millions of Dollars worth of wind energy, it is a powerful and available resource.

Wind Speed maps are available to determine your wind zone (average annual wind speed).

Assessing your Wind Resource asyowire