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Grid Tie Inverter

Large Solar pv panel grid tie inverter 12 Kw AC. Wire solar PV panels in series for high voltage. Solar pv panel array up to 520 VDC. REC Solar pv panels 245 watts 24 VDC. Three phase 600 VAC power output. Aurora Three-Phase 12,000 Watt Grid Tie Inverter.

Aurora Grid Tie Inverter Model: PV1-12-1-OUTD-S2-480-US-NG

Solar PV Array Voltage Input Range: 90-520 VDC

AC Output Voltage: 600 VAC

CEC Efficiency Rating: 97.0%

Solar grid tie Aurora PVI 10kW and 12kW inverters have full three-phase power output, allowing a single inverter to provide balanced output on all three phases. These inverters contain no electrolytic capacitors and are housed in a fan-less NEMA 4X enclosure for long life even in harsh conditions. The 10kW unit is field-selectable for 208 VAC three-phase Delta, or 277 VAC (480 VAC WYE) three-phase output. The 12kW unit has 277 VAC (480 VAC WYE) three-phase output. Both models are also available with 600 VAC output for use in Canada."S" models have a DC disconnect and the "S2" models have both a DC and an AC disconnects.

Grid tie net metering versions have inputs for us to four strings (two per MPPT). The "S2" versions are available with fused input kits mountable inside the inverter to allow six total strings (three per MPPT). Both the 10kW and the 12kW inverters, S and S2 models, are 37.7" H x 25.4" W x 8.8" D.

The 10kW Aurora PVI inverter received an A+ from Photon International after their independent laboratory tests.

Weight: 114 lbs.

Aurora 12,000 Watt Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter 030-09738Retail Price: $5,495.00Sale Price: $5,195.00