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Single Phase

Solar Grid tie inverter for net metering rated 3.3 Kw. Solar PV wired in series up to 600 VDC. Solar PV panels such as REC Solar 245 watt 24 VDC panels. Wire in series for high voltage solar array. Aurora's 3,300 Watt Single Phase Inverter.

Aurora Inverter Model: PV1-3.OOTD-5-US

Maximum Solar PV Array Voltage: 600 VDC

Range of Input Solar PV Array Voltage: 90-600 VDC

CEC Efficiency Rating: 96.0%

Power-One's Aurora PVI inverters have two separate MPPT input sections, allowing for two sub-arrays to be configured with differing string lengths, orientations, or even different sizes, brands, or types of PV modules. Conditions on one string will not affect the other.

Grid tie PVI inverters have two input terminals for each separate MPPT section allowing as many as four strings of modules (two on each MPPT) to be connected without separate string fusing. Both MPPT sections can also be paralleled for use with a single array. A wide input voltage range allows for low wattage installations with reduced string sizes here needed, The Aurora PVI series are some of the most flexible string inverters available.An integrated LCD displays real-time operating parameters, and RS-485 and USB interfaces can connect remote monitoring systems. An integrated DC disconnect is standard on all "S" models (models without a DC disconnect are available by special order).

Aurora grid tie PVI inverters can produce full-rated power at ambient temperatures up to 122F (50C). The fan-less design and NEMA 4X enclosure provide a water and airtight seal. Output voltage can be set for 240 VAC split-phase, or 208 VAC or 277 VAC (480 VAC WYE) for 3-phase systems (3 inverters required for phase balancing).All PVI inverters are Listed to UL 1741/IEEE 1547 and CSA-C22.2N.107.1-01 for the U.S. and Canada, and come with a 10-year warranty, which is extendable to 15 or 20 years.

Weight: 47 lbs.

Aurora 3,300 Watt Single Phase Inverter 030-09713Retail Price: $2,295.00Sale Price: $1,995.00