Click to enlargeAurora 4.6 Kw
Isolated Transformer
Grid Tie Inverter

Solar grid tie inverter. Rated at 4,600 watts AC. This 4.6 Kw AC inverter is great for net metering. Wire solar pv panels in series for high voltage up to 520 VDC.Power One Aurora PVI Isolated (Transformer-Based) Inverters

Aurora Grid Tie Inverter Model: PV1-4.6-OUTD-S-US

Solar Array Voltage: 90-520 VDC

Grid tie inverter Output: 4,600 watts AC.

AC inverter output: Single phase 208/240/277 VAC

CEC Efficiency Rating: 96.5%

Aurora Isolated (transformer-based) inverters have all of the Aurora benefits in more conventional grounded design with high frequency isolated topology to minimize size and wieght. Aurora inverters for positive ground systems are available by special order.

Aurora 3.8 Kw Isolated Transformer Grid Tie Inverter

The Aurora PVI 3.8kW and 4.6kW inverters are field-selectable for 240 VAC split-phase, or 208 VAC or 277 VAC (480 VAC WYE) for three-phase systems (three inverters required for phase balancing).

Dimensions for both units: 33.75" H x 12.75" W x 8.25" D, including DC disconnect.

Weight: 61 lbs.

Aurora 4,600 Watt PVI Isolated Transformer Grid Tie Inverter 030-09723Retail Price: $2,995.00Sale Price: $2,895.00