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Stand-Alone System Controller

Magnum Automatic Generator Start Controller. Off grid generator start controller. Charge your batteries with your generator when your solar PV panels (night time), or wind generators have no wind to work with. Charge your battery bank with your back up generator. Controller activates the generator when it senses a low voltage condition in your battery bank voltage.

Magnum Automatic Generator Start Controller Model: AGS-S

Off-grid Magnum Automatic Generator Start (AGS) is designed to automatically start your coach generator based on low battery condition or the inside temperature of the coach, and is compatible with most major generators, including Onan, Powertech, Generac, and Weterbeke generators.

Set the battery start voltage from 10-12 VDC or 20-22 VDC, the start temperature from 65-85F, the run time from one to five hours, and the quiet time with an easy-to-set clock. Automatic Generator Start settings do not interfere with the manual start/stop operation of the generator. Just use any existing start/stop switch in your coach.

Two models are available. Standalone version of the AGS works well for installation and operation without an inverter.

Network version of the AGS allows operation of the AGS via the ME Series remote panel.

Weight: 5 lb.

Automatic Generator Start Stand-Alone Controller Off-Grid 020-06375Retail Price: $295.00Sale Price: $279.00