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Solar PV Power
5 Kw Solar PV array
900 Kwh/Month average

Solar PV Home Power Package designed to deliver 900 Kwh/Month in a 6 Sun Peak-Hour locations. Sell solar energy back into the grid against your electric bill to turn your electric meter backwards. Solar system kit for net metering is qualified for State and Federal Tax credits and rebates - check with your local utility.

This Package includes the Beacon Smart Power M-Series inverter rated at 5,000 Watts AC.

Solar PV array of 5 Kw. 5,000 Watts includes twenty (20) REC Solar 250 watt 24 VDC panels.

Large 5 Kw solar PV grid tie system as an integrated system of charge controller and inverter delivering grid quality electricity for net metering.

The M5 grid tie inverter system uses "Smart" technology with the RS-485 interface running performance monitoring software on your PC - reporting total produced Kwh each day and in aggregate. Solar power is very effective for remote power supplies, off-grid home power systems, and grid-tie net metering solar systems, as this kit provides.

The Beacon M5 comes fully integrated, in a single box solution in an outdoor rated enclosure containing all necessary ground fault protection, disconnects, and circuit breakers. Connect to your utility grid and sell solar PV power back to the grid with this durable and reliable solar grid-tie inverter package.

An RS-485 serial communications link with standard RJ-11 connectors allow for connection to a PC running optional Smart Power Monitor software. Solar Power is a great option when you need reliable solar energy production for your DC and AC loads with an inverter.

Use this solar PV power kit to drive your grid-tie inverter and push solar energy back into the grid and turn your electric meter backwards.

Inverter Dimensions: 16" x 10" x 42"

Weight 620 Lbs.

Solar Home Power System also includes Beacons Battery enclosure with powder coated finish. The NEMA type 4 rated enclosure is weather tight in all postions, vertical to horizontal.

Weight: 312 lb.

System includes the Beacon Power PV String Combiner. This combiner allows you to bring together individual arrays into a feed that powers the Inverter.

NOTE: System does not include PV panels, mounts, disconnects, wiring, foundation. This is your Power Conditioning System.

Solar PV Panel 5Kw M5 Grid Tie/Battery Inverter Solar Power Plant 900 Kwh/Month 30-6850PRetail Price: $14,749.00Sale Price: $13,997.00

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