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Grid Tie/Battery
Rated at 900 Kwh/Month

This Home Power Package is designed to deliver 900 kWh/Month in a 6 Sun Peak Hour location. Solar PV panels are included to drive your grid-tie inverter for net-metering. Home power that is grid-tied allows you to sell solar energy back into the grid turning your electric meter backwards. Check with your local utility to see if you qualify.

Solar PV grid tie system kit includes 5,000 watts (5Kw) of solar pv panels. Twenty (20) 250 watt REC Solar PV panels. Each PV panel 24 VDC.

This Package includes the Beacon Smart Power M-Series PLUS inverter rated at 5,000 Watts AC. Inverter uses Battery Charging option (batteries not included).

This system is an integrated system of charge controller and inverter to deliver grid quality electricity on demand.

The M5 inverter system is now Smart with the RS-485 interface to run performance monitoring software on your PC reporting total produced kWh allowing you to monitor your systems solar power output.

Beacon M5 grid tie net-metering inverter comes fully integrated, in a single box solution in an outdoor rated enclosure containing all the necessary ground fault protection, disconnects, and circuit breakers in this kit.

The RS-485 serial communications link with standard RJ-11 connectors allows for connection to your PC running optional Smart Power Monitor software.

The PLUS gives you extra features such as Daily kWh production reports, in addition to the cumulative kWh production with the M5. The PLUS also offers you Battery Equalizing if you're using Wet Cell Batteries this is helpful.

Grid tie inverter Dimensions: 16" x 10" x 42"

Includes 20 Solar PV panels 250 watts 24 VDC each.

Weight 620 Lbs.

System also includes Beacons Battery enclosure with powder coated finish. The NEMA type 4 rated enclosure is weather tight in all positions, vertical to horizontal.

Weight: 100 lbs.

System includes the Beacon Power PV String Combiner. This combiner allows you to bring together individual arrays into a feed that powers the Inverter.

Shipping quotes are available at time of purchase.

NOTE: System does not include, mounts, disconnects, wiring, foundation and Batteries. This is your Power Conditioning System. If you'd like Solar PV Systems with Everything please scroll down the page and find additional options for your solar PV powered grid-tie home power or small commercial system.

Solar PV 5 Kw AC Grid Tie/Battery Inverter Solar Power Plant 900 Kwh/Month 30-6852PRetail Price: $14,764.00Sale Price: $14,347.00

Click to enlargeBeacon Battery Enclosure with 175 Amp Breaker
Click to enlargeBeacon PV String Combiner Box with 600 VDC Fuse Holders