BioLite Household
Water Sterilizer 
Replacement Bulb

BioLite Replacement Bulb.

Hard to find, great to get.

The BioLite Germicidal UV System kills 99.99% of pathogens. Replacment bulb fit the BioLite UV system.

The BioLite System protects the water that enters your home by destroying the bacteria that invade the resource that is so very vital to everyday life.

The Benefits Of BioLite Purification/Sterilization Continually sterilizes with intense UV light

Lamp replacement does not require depressurization, No chemicals to purchase and replenish, Simplified maintenance. No tools required, Impossible to overdose, Low power consumption, Enhances overall water system performance, No alteration of taste to treated water, Complete system.

Maximum Service Flow Rate 12 gpm Pipe Size (Inlet / Outlet) 1 inch Height (Overall) 49 inches Width 9 inches *Maximum Hardness < 7 gpg *Maximum Iron < 0.3 ppm *Maximum Manganese > 0.05 ppm *Suspended Solids < 10 ppm *Hydrogen Sulfide < 0.05 ppm

*Frequent cleaning of the quartz sleeve will be required if maximum contaminants are exceeded. BioLite draws 110/220 VAC.

BioLite UV Water Sterilizer Replacement Bulb BIOBULBRetail Price: $159.00Sale Price: $149.00