Click to enlargeLG Four (4) Solar PV Modules
Rated at 250 watts each
1,000 PV Watts

Buy your Solar PV panels in bulk. We've bundled Four (4) LG Solar Mono-crystalline PV Panels rated at 250 Watts each for you to interconnect into large solar PV module arrays for your grid-tie or off-grid solar PV power projects.

LG Solar 250 Watt PV Panel Model: LG250SIC-MC4

Four (4) LG 250 Watt panels makes 1 Kw of PV Solar.

Each Module:

Power: 250 watts

Voltage (peak): 29.9 VDC

Amperage (peak): 8.37

Voltage (open circuit): 37.1

Amperage (short-circuit): 8.76

Mono-X Series Modules™

As a world-leader in the electronics industry for over 50 years, LG brings decades of manufacturing experience to their solar products. The Mono-X Series modules feature exceptional power density, high strength and attractive glossy black frames, all of which make them well-suited for nearly any application. It's also helpful that the LG brand is recognized by most homeowners a s a maker of premium products.

Ideal for home power battery charging, solar water pumping, and off-grid solar home power.

Production Standards

In addition to the US required UL 1703 Listing, LG Mono-X modules meet the stringent global IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards and the NEC 2008 code requirements for use with transformerless inverters.


The Mono-X modules carry a 10-year product/workmanship warranty and a 25-year power warranty that guarantees 90% of nameplate power for the first 12 years and 80% until year 25.

Fire rating: Class C

Connector type: MC4

Cable lengths inch (m): 39.37 [1]

Static load rating lb/ft2: 113 [5400 Pa]

Max. system voltage: 600 VDC

Series fuse rating: 20 Amps

Dimensions inch (mm): 64.25 x 38.82 x 1.65 (1632 x 986 x 42)

Weight Ib [kg]: 41.9 [19]

Total Weight: 167.6

LG Four (4) 250 Watt Solar PV Panel Solar Modules 1,000 PV Watts LG-250-SIC-MC4Retail Price: $2,779.00Sale Price: $2,345.00