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170 Watt PV Panel
24 VDC

Solar PV panel rated at 170 watts at 24 VDC.

Use this high quality solar pv panel for your battery charging off grid home power needs. Use also for home power grid connected net metering solar power systems when combined into larger voltages. Charge 24, and 48 volt battery banks with this strong and light weight solar pv panel.

Canadian solar has innovative solar cell and pv module technology that guarantees world class stability and reliability in the field. Canadian Solar pv panels are backed by a 25 year performance warranty.

Canadian solar pv panels use 125 x 125mm (5 inch) or 156 x 156mm (6 inch) high efficiency mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline high efficiency solar cells. This 170 Watt solar pv module is designed for high performance remote solar water pumping applications and battery charging. A reliable solar pv panel.

Solar PV Module Features:

Six years product warranty for craftsmanship and workmanship; and a 25 year module solar power output warranty, reliable and proven.

Meets and exceeds ISO:TS16949 (The automotive quality management system) in module production since 2003 and ISO17025 and IEC, TUV, UL testing standards.

Mount your solar PV panel with ground, side of pole, top of pole, and tracking mounts to increase the solar energy production from your solar pv panel arrays. Interconnect these solar panels for larger power and voltage outputs.

Canadian Solar PV Module 170 Watt Solar PV Panel Solar Module 24 VDC CANS-170Retail Price: $559.00Sale Price: $519.00