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Wind Power

The fastest growing energy source in the world today is Wind Generators. With the energy crisis in CA, more and more people have become focused on energy costs. The use of wind generators offer several big advantages. Of course, no fuel costs, or pollution, but also a relatively inexpensive renewable energy source, and a mature equipment reliability gained over the last 15 years. Today's Wind Generators offer tremendous value, and has now overtaken every other energy option in today's power production market.

Solar panels typically cost between $5 and $6 per watt. Wind generators usually sell for under $2 per watt, so there is a big price advantage if you have the wind resource. To assess whether wind is right for your location we go to the national wind resource map on our wind products section. From this map we can look up your average wind speed. To be productive your average wind speed should be at least 9 mph. Most wind generators need at least 7.5 mph wind speed to begin turning: their "cut-in" speed.

Another important aspect of wind systems are the impacts of obstructions near your wind generator. In general, the higher the tower, the higher the wind speeds. This is important as the power available in wind increases by the "cube" of the wind speed. If you double wind speed, you can produce 8 times more power. Therefore, in planning your wind system, place your tower as high as possible, and as free from obstructions such as trees, or buildings will greatly increase the productivity of your wind system.

Wind turbines start at ratings of 400 watts and increase to 3000 watts. The energy produced by these wind generators can be checked by looking at the graphs on our wind products pages.

Remember, there are two ways wind generators are rated: power and energy. The power rating is what the turbine can produce at 27 mph wind speeds. For example, the Whisper 175 has a power rating of 3,000 watts. Energy, is power over time, hense your electric bill is charged to you in units of Kilowatt-hours. Power over time. The "energy" produced by the Whisper 175 is 538 Kilowatt-hours at a 12 mph average wind speed, much higher if your average wind speed is over 12 mph. To see how much energy your Whisper 175 can produce at your location refer to the energy graphs on our wind products pages.

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