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Electric vehicle charger for home use for your own personal EV. The CT 500 is designed to be safe and easy to use.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Electric Charging Station Model: EV1-15

ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations, by Coulomb Technologies, offer municipalities, corporations, fleets, and utilities, high-reliability, plug-in electric vehicle charging that drivers prefer and is safe to use. The easy-to-use stations provide multiple power options, and integrate aesthetics and ergonomics with sturdy construction: important and ideal for residential, commercial and outdoor public applications. Charge your own vehicle at home.

To eliminate energy theft and to increase safety, a card reader option is available for users to access and energize the station with a ChargePass™ card included. The station's highly visible display guides drivers with instructive messaging and can be used to display custom advertisement or greetings for drivers to increase utility

The CT500 Electric wall hanging Charging Station offers a 7.2 Kw single output electric station for single and multiple family homes. Also, great for apartment and condominium buildings, light commercial and fleet applications, this is a versatile ev charger.

The electric station delivers Level II (208/240V @30A) charging and are compatible with plug-in electric cars that comply with SAEJ1772 plug in car standard, check with your car manufacturer.

The Ct500 Features a smart card reader, intelligent power control, vacuum florescent display with multiple language options. Integrated Fault detection and Utility Grade electric meter complete the package.

Excellent electric vehicle charger.

CT 500 Electric Vehicle Charging Station CT500-EV1-15Retail Price: $4,795.00Sale Price: $4,595.00