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We can produce custom laminates for your OEM product needs. has strategic relationships with several OEM manufacturers for both high efficiency solar cells, and for solar cell laminates of specified materials and specifications. Custom and low volume laminates for your OEM product can be sourced. We will help source reliable solar cell laminators and system integrators at your request.

Most laminates we customize are made from high-efficiency monocrystalline cells which can be cut to make small custom modules at voltages ranging from 0.5 VDC to 48 VDC. Amps are a function of cell area.

Laminates are made from tempered low-iron glass as a cover, EVA encapsulant and Tedlar back surface.

Please let us know the Amps and Volts, under load, that you need from your solar PV laminate. We'll contact you directly with a product specification and quote.

Please specify if you're looking for special solar photovoltaic cells to produce you're own custom solar PV cell laminates.

Click on the Contact Us! button to your left for personalized help by our engineering support. Please specify the type of cell, size of cell, power required, and voltage of laminate you're seeking. Cells can be sourced individually for your Solar electric module, or can be interconnected as to your specifications.

Are you looking for Solar Cells? Email us with questions and we'll let you know availability.

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