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Excellent for Solar Power
Pond and Surface Pump

Dankoff Surface Slow pump is ideal for Pond water pumping. When you need to lift water and send water long distances the Dankoff solar slow pump is the best in the business.

Use solar PV panels, wall electric, battery, or AC power to provide 200 to 2600 gallons per day from shallow water such as ponds or rivers. The Slowpump can push water as high as 450 vertical feet and is ideal for long run distances.

The Slowpump isa great pump for lifting water from ponds, streams, storage tanks and shallow wells and transporting the water long pipe lengths. This surface pump is a very efficient pump, and can operate on as little as a single 35 watt solar panel for short lifts under 25 feet.

Lift water (450 foot lift), on two 120 watt panels for a total solar power panel need of 240 watts. See solar PV panel from REC rated at 240 watts at 24 VDC for strong power supply. Mount with ground, side of pole, top of pole, and tracker mounts for larger solar outputs, ideal to increase water production in off solar peak hours.

The solar slow pump is used in extreme environments such as the tropics, deserts, mountains and other harsh conditions.

The Dankoff Slowpump is less expensive than than submersible diaphragm pumps, its easier to repair with Wearing parts typically lasting 5 to 10 years.

Life expectancy is 15 to 20 years.

Dankoff Solar Water Pump Solar PV Slow Pump Water pumping 075-04170Retail Price: $2,439.00Sale Price: $2,395.00

Dankoff Model P-2507 P-2507Retail Price: $959.00Sale Price: $795.00
REC 240 Watt solar PV panelUse this high quality solar PV panel rated at 240 watts to power your Dankoff slow pump. Mount with ground, side of pole, top of pole, or tracking mounts to give larger solar power outputs. Solar water pumping needs strong voltage this REC solar PV module is ideal with great current matching high efficiency solar cells this REC solar panel is ideal for the Dankoff Slow pump

REC 240 Watt solar PV panel REC24024Retail Price: $595.00Sale Price: $429.00