Click to enlargeDankoff SunCentric Surface Pump
for 48 VDC Systems for shallow
Water Sources, great for pushing
Water a long distance

Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump for Shallow Water Sources, ideal for Ponds, lakes, and streams. Used for pushing water for Livestock watering and agricultural irrigation systems.

Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump Model: 7443

System DC System Voltage: 48 VDC

Optimum Draw: 60 VDC, 7.2 Amps, at 558 Watts.

Suncentric pumping for Solar powered irrigation, live stock, domestic water, and pond management. Pump water treatment systems, solar water heating, hydronic space heating, and hot water circulation. Ideal for fire protection, excellent for pumping water from shallow ponds.

The Dankoff SunCentric Surface pump can tolerate silty water and deliver up to 10 GPM, under harsh conditions and is a choice pump when quality matters.

Solar SunCentric Surface centrifugal pumps are used worldwide since 1989. Use your Shallow pump system with Solar PV panels array directly, without batteries, and do not require a pump controller or linear current booster (LCB), a great savings.

Maximum suction lift is 10 vertical feet (3 m). Recommended to use a foot valve if the pump is mounted higher than the water source. This surface pump is for Shallow Water Applications, so be sure you're not intending a deep well.

There is no maintenance required, once installed properly these surface pumps are terrific in durability in the field.

Weight: 89 lb.

Dankoff Solar Water Pump SunCentric Surface Pump for 48 VDC Systems 075-04327Retail Price: $2,495.00Sale Price: $2,479.00