Click to enlargeDC-DC Converter from Samlex
Convert 24 VDC to 12 VDC
Up to 12 Amps

Solar and Wind energy power systems sometimes need to power DC loads. DC-DC Power Converters convert 24 Volt inputs down to 12 Volt outputs. The Samlex SDC power converter is useful when you need to run DC loads such as LED Lighting or selected water pumps.

Switch between DC voltages with this DC-DC converter.

Samlex DC-DC Converter Model: SDC-15

Maximum Amperage Rating: 12 Amps

These Off grid Samlex SDC DC-DC Step-Down Power converters are designed to decrease the DC voltage fed into the unit.

Off grid solar switching converters have a high efficiency and provide regulated 13.8 VDC output from an input of 20 -30 VDC. Use them to power 12-volt lights and appliances from a 24-volt system.

2-year warranty.

Weight: 14 lb.

DC-DC Converter from Samlex 24 VDC to 12 VDC 12 Amps 030-08720Retail Price: $129.00Sale Price: $119.00