Click to enlargeDC-DC Isolated Converter for
30-60 VDC down to 12.5 VDC
at 8 Amps

DC converter to power 12 VDC loads from a 48 VDC battery bank. DC-DC converter steps down high voltage battery 48 VDC to produce steady 12 VDC output. DC step down converter rated at 200 watts. DC converters condition variable battery input voltages (30-60 VDC) down to steady 12 VDC outputs. Loads such as LED Lighting require 12 Volt outputs that are steady and clean (little variation).

Samlex Isolated DC-DC Converter step down 48 VDC to 12 VDC

Samlex Isolated DC-DC Converter Model: IDC-200C-12

These Samlex isolated, enclosed DC-DC converters are designed to increase, or decrease, the DC voltage fed to the unit.

Isolated DC-DC Converter Rated Power: 200 Watts

DC Voltage Input: 30-60 VDC

DC Voltage Output: 12.5 VDC

Maximum Amps: 16 Amps

Weight: 37 lb.

DC-DC Isolated Converter for 30-60 VDC to 12.5 VDC at 16 Amps 030-08749Retail Price: $259.00Sale Price: $239.00