Click to enlargeDC-DC Isolated Converter for
30-60 VDC down to 24 VDC
at 15 Amps

Step down DC converter to power 24 VDC electric loads from 48 VDC battery banks. Step down converter rated at 300 watts DC. Convert your 48 VDC battery output down to 24 VDC for 24 VDC loads and appliances. DC-DC converter steps down battery voltage 30-60 VDC to 24 steady VDC. Power 24 VDC tools, lighting, and other 24 VDC electrical devices.

Samlex Isolated DC-DC Converter step down converter.

Samlex Isolated DC-DC Converter Model: IDC-360C-24

These Samlex isolated, enclosed DC-DC converters are designed to increase, or decrease, the DC voltage fed to the unit.

Isolated DC-DC Converter Rated Power: 300 Watts DC

DC Voltage Input: 30-60 VDC

DC Voltage Output: 24 VDC

Maximum Amps: 15 Amps

Weight: 47 lb.

DC-DC Isolated Converter from 30-60 VDC to 24 VDC at 15 Amps 030-08760Retail Price: $399.00Sale Price: $379.00