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Large Wind Turbines (LWT)

Large Wind Turbines:

Power capacities over 100 Kw defines a Large Wind Turbine (LWT) application. Net-Metering with Large Wind Turbines is possible, and depends on your specific utilities policies. As with SWT projects, Large Wind Turbine projects are defined electrically in terms of Power and Energy.

Wind Farms are usually considered electricity power exporters. As with SWT, the power rating for LWT relates to the instantaneous power output of a wind turbine at Rated Wind Speed. The rated wind speed is usually 28 mph.

HINT: A 28 mph Wind Speed occurs usually less than 4% of the time, depending on the site, and therefore does not tell the energy story regarding the turbine. That depends on average annual Wind Speed. The Energy Rating would be the annual Kilowatt-hour (KWH) production of the wind turbine.

Power ratings for Large Wind Turbines are important for the Electrical Interconnection. It’s important that any Transformers used to interconnect to the grid have the Capacity to safely export the electricity. Your utility will let you know the Interconnection Requirements for your Utilities Transmission and Distribution (T&D) System for a given Large Wind Turbine project. The utility needs to know there is enough Capacity on their High Power Transmission Lines to transmit (Wheel) your energy through the grid.

If your project is a Wind Farm then you’ll be defined as an Independent Power Producer (IPP). Planning for a Wind Farm requires several steps, we’ll cover in this book, that defines your Electrical Production, Hardware, Operation and Maintenance Costs, Permitting, Regulatory Affairs and Economic performance.

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