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Wind Generators are usually defined by their Power Rating. The Power Rating describes the instantaneous Power Output at Rated Wind Speed.

The Rated Wind Speed is usually 28 mph, but is chosen by the Manufacturer. Companies rate their wind turbines at different wind speeds, therefore close examination of your actual hardware specifications are very important.

HINT: The Power in the Wind increases by the cube of the wind speed. Double wind speed, and the power available in the wind increases 800%.

More important than the Power Rating of a wind generator is its Energy Rating. Energy is power over time described as Kilowatt-hours (KWH) or Megawatt-hours (MWH).

Note: A Megawatt hour is 1,000 Kilowatt hours. Energy production is the most important aspect of a wind generator. Energy Production will be described in KWH/month for a given wind speed, and determines the productivity of your Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS).

This chapter examines Defining your Wind Project. Wind generators can be used in two essential ways: as a battery charger, or as a grid-tie electrical generator exporting electricity.

For Wind Projects, Wind Generators (Turbines) are defined as either being Large Wind Turbines (LWT) those over 100 Kw in Power Rating, or Small Wind Turbines (SWT) those rated under 100 Kw. In this book you’ll define your wind project by Power required, Energy Produced, Wind Resource Assessment, and Economic Performance.