Small Wind Turbines (SWT)
Air X, Air 40, Air 30
Air Breeze, Whisper 100

Off grid battery charging wind generators. Wind generators include Air X, Air 30, Air 40, Air Breeze, Air Dolphin, and Whisper 100. Off grid wind generators are ideal combined with Solar PV panels.

Off grid wind generators range from 160 watts to 900 watts. Wind generator battery charging at 12/24/48 VDC.

Small Wind Turbines are defined by their power rating, (power output at rated wind speed), being LESS than 100 Kw. Above, one hundred Kilowatts (100 Kw), a wind turbine would be defined as a Large Wind Turbine (LWT).

Small Wind Turbines (SWT) can be used three Ways:

1.0 Battery Charging

2.0 Grid-Tie (Net-Metering) without batteries

3.0 Grid-Tie (Net-Metering) with Battery Backup.

Battery Charging.

Using a wind generator as a battery charger means that youíre charging a battery bank to store the electricity produced by wind generator. As such, itís vital to Match-the-Voltage of the Wind Generator with the Battery Bank you wish to charge. For example, most Sailboats and powerboats run on a 24-Volt DC battery bank. For this application choose a Wind Generator that is rated for 24-Volt DC charging. A typical market example of this would be an AIR X WIND GENERTOR manufactured by Southwest Wind Power of Flagstaff, Arizona.

HINT: Battery Charging wind generators are offered in specific voltage models, these are 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 48 Volt.

You can use a wide range of wind generators as battery chargers. Typical models in the Small Wind Turbine marketplace range from the AIR X rated at 400 watts, to 10 Kw wind generators for 48 Volt battery banks.

HINT: Batteries are best charged with an Amperage that does not exceed 25% of the Amp-hour rating of the battery bank.

Batteries are defined by Capacity (Voltage times Amp-hour rating). The size of the Battery Bank is defined by how much Power will be drawn, and over How Much Time. To size your Battery Bank see BATTERY WORKSHEET on the Resources Page (Pg. 86). Choose your Wind Generator to Match the Battery Bank voltage and donít exceed an Amp rating of 25% of the Battery Bank Amp-hour rating.

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