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Energy Production for a wind farm is defined in units of KWH (Kilowatt-hours), or MWH (Megawatt-hours) per some unit time usually annual production is most useful, however Monthly Energy Production is also used later in the economic analysis pages. NOTE: megawatt-hour (MWH) is 1,000 KWHs.

Once you’ve cleared with your utility what your Power capacities allowance is you can begin to define your actual Energy production in terms of KWH, or MWH.

HINT: The higher the tower the faster the wind speed. This results in a higher Energy Output per site.

Your financial agreement with the utility is called a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Checking with your utility you may find they have Requests for Proposals (RFP) where utilities are seeking additional wind capacity.

With these RFPs the utility will define how much they will pay for delivered KWH of energy onto their system. Vital for your economic analysis the Value of Energy in terms of dollars/Kilowatt-hour ($/KWH) can be known. Your PPA will define your Value of Energy ($/KWH). Large Wind Turbines (LWT) are capital intensive machines and are sourced either as New Equipment, or Refurbished Equipment.

LWT projects require specific attention to the site in terms of Wind Resource, obstacles, road access, electrical transformer access (for grid connection), soil conditions, and any other externalities such as high altitude, extreme temperatures, or sensitive wildlife impact.

Each of these factors will be defined and assigned a cost. Site preparation issues will cover mobilizing any boom trucks and or cranes required to erect your towers.

Wind Farms typically use Large Wind Turbines (LWT). Impact Assessments are usually required that cover Water, Air, Soil, and Avian Impacts. A site survey is a vital step in addressing these issues and writing a Site-Survey document will assist in mitigating any documentation you may need. These externalities are important to define, and are included in the Action Item List in Chapter 3.

Planning a Wind Farm project requires that you define your project electrically (actual electrical production at your specific site), and the costs involved in installing and maintaining your wind facility.

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