Click to enlargeChest Style Battery Enclosure
for Sixteen (16) Golf Cart

Large off grid battery box for sixteen (16) large golf cart batteries. Battery type GC2. Solar and wind power systems depend on the battery bank. Combine batteries for 12/24/48 VDC battery banks. Large off grid battery box protects your battery bank from the environment. DPW Power-Fab Chest Style Battery Enclosure.

DPW Power-Fab Battery Enclosure Chest Style Model: BB16-6V200

Number of Batteries: 16

Battery Type: Golf Cart (GC2)

Battery Layout: 4x4

Wind generators Air X, Air 30, Air 40 and Air breeze make excellent battery chargers. Solar PV panels including REC Solar 250 watt 24 VDC great for your battery charging home power.

Protect your Battery Bank for your Solar or Wind Energy System with the durable and high quality Chest-Style Battery Enclosure from DPW.

Pad mount, chest style enclosures are manufactured with 0.125" 5052-H32 aluminum sheets. All die marks and welds are sanded smooth, and the boxes are finished with a reflective bright white polyester powder coat to minimize internal heat gain. All enclosures are provided with integrated louvers located to promote convective air flow through the enclosure to reduce internal temperatures and remove gasses.

Great air filters are located over the louvers to keep out dust and insects. Ultra air filters are removable for cleaning or replacement.

Battery box standard enclosures are built to meet NEMA 3R specifications.

Dimensions (Inches): 35 x 47 x 17

Weight: 99 lb.

DPW Power-fab Battery Enclosure for Sixteen (16) Golf Cart Batteries 048-04040Retail Price: $1,799.00Sale Price: $1,749.00