3600 Watt Inverter
Stand-Alone System
24 VDC Battery Charging

Solar Off-Grid Inverter Xantrex DR3624. Off grid inverter rated at 3.6 Kw AC. Rated output 3,600 watts AC. Battery voltage 24 VDC. Ideal for solar home power systems. Use solar PV panels to charge your 12 VDC battery. Connect Xantrex off grid DR3624 for 3.6 Kw AC output.

Xantrex DR series inverters have plenty of power to run microwave ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and power tools. They were originally designed as a standby power systemto keep lights and refrigerators going in Caribbean countries that are plagued with numerous power failures.

Off grid inverter DR3624 is rated at 3,600 watts AC at 120/240 VAC. 3,600 Watt AC output with a 24 Volt DC input.

Dimensions: 20" x 8.5" x 8"

Xantrex DR series inverters are used with Battery banks usually charged with solar PV panels, or wind generators. Use a DC Safety Disconnect between the battery and inverter on the positive leg.

ETL listed to UL standards.

2 year Factory Warranty

Solar Off-Grid Inverter DR 3624 Stand-Alone Inverter 3600 Watts AC Output 030-1255Retail Price: $1,350.00Sale Price: $1,339.00