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Natural and Man-made disasters always pinch electricity supplies first. Be prepared with your Solar PV Module charger with battery and inverter for this emergency energy back up system.

With natural disasters and emergency events happening all around having portable power on demand can be vital. This solar powered emergency power supply is an excellent tool to provide electricity both DC and AC when you're facing a situation where electricity is unavailable.

This Ecotricity Solar energy emergency power system provides 1,800 watts of AC power to run your small pumps (sump pumps), and small commercial appliances including small refrigerators and commercial electronics.

The home power back up system is complete with powerful PV panels to charge a 200 Ah battery bank, which can be expandable by adding another battery doubling your energy storage. Equipped with a 1800 watt inverter the Ecotricity Eco-1800h is powerful enough to power lap-tops, printers, small freezers, small refrigerators, sump pumps, computers/TVs and most electrical loads up to 1800 watts. This solar battery inverter system is mounted on a convenient mobile platform which allows you to wheel the unit around and position it into the sun for maximum solar charging.

System includes four (4) AC outlets, two (2) DC inputs for solar and/or wind generator chargers. System is very quiet.

When you need electricity on demand this solar energy emergency system is designed for harsh environments and being solid state has high reliability. Power your electronics, cell phones, lap tops, small pumps and refrigerators with this useful power supply.

Ecotricity 1800 Watt Emergency power system eco1800hRetail Price: $1,695.00Sale Price: $1,595.00