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Area Light
Ideal for Solar
Power Supplies

Looking for a bright solar powered low power consumption area light? Use super bright LED lamps for high-efficiency and low energy draw.

Eco-Light's LED super-bright Area Light is bright and efficient. Excellent choice for your solar PV lighting projects. Light your sign, backyard, or flag-pole with this LED light fixture and LED bulb. Solar energy is not, compared to grid tie electricity, cheap. Therefore, using high-efficiency LED lights for your solar power supply gives you exceptional brightness and very low power consumption.

Eco-Light's Super-bright LED area light produces over 75% energy savings with 12 times more life than a standard 400 watt HID for long life and ease of use in the field. Excellent power to weight ratio.

This High output LED fixture and LED draws 50 watts producing a very bright light field. This LED light fixture is robust and tough in the field providing very high brightness and is water resistant.

High shock and vibration resistance

Custom high brightness white array for even and bright LED light distribution.

Certified for damp locations ideal for the real world where rain is a reality.

Instant On and Off switching capability.

6-Year Warranty

These high power LED fixtures are very bright and are very durable in the field. This area light LED lamp only draws 50 watts but puts out a very bright LED beam.

Solar LED Light Eco Light Solar Area Light - LED Bright 50 Watts ECOLAL-50Retail Price: $249.00Sale Price: $239.00