Click to enlargeEco Light Area Light
160 Watts Power
for Solar Powered
LED lighting systems

This Commercial grade LED fixture and Lamp is work horse for brightness and long life in the field. Super bright LED output draws only 160 watts but puts out industrial strength area lighting. Ideal for your solar power system.

This high-intensity LED lighting fixture and array draws 160 watts and puts out commercial levels of bright light. Ideal for sign lighting, area lighting, barn lighting, and other LED lighting applications where you need serious lighting intensity. The Eco-Light's LED Area-Light is super bright and efficient in life cycle energy draw.

This LED commercial area light draws 160 Watts and is an excellent choice for your solar battery charging LED lighting project for large area lights.

Eco-Light's Super-bright high-intensity LED array area-light produces an average 75% energy savings with Twelve times more life than the standard 400 watt HID lamp. Use indoors, and outdoors this LED lamp and array is intended for tough locations. This LED array is built to be robust in the field. High-quality LED lamp construction provides exceptional brightness and is rated for over 80,000 hours of run time.

High shock-vibration resistance for long life and easy installation.

Solar PV panels and wind generators can be used to charge a battery bank (12 VDC). Use a lighting controller, see charge-controllers, to set the timing of the on/off cycle and use this high-intensity LED lamp to complete your system. Solar PV panels are an excellent choice for charging batteries to run this high-intensity LED lamp.

6-Year Warranty.

Solar LED Light Eco Light Solar Area Light - LED Bright 160 Watts ECOLAL-160Retail Price: $399.00Sale Price: $389.00