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LED Lamp fixture
60 Watts

Do you need high intensity but low power LED super bright LEDs for your solar street light?

This super bright solar street light only draws 60 watts DC but pumps out very bright LED light.

Solar powered LED lighting produces bright light for your lighting project. Solar street lights offer excellent performance in the field and are proven around the world. Use your solar PV panels to charge a battery bank to provide power on demand for your solar street lighting projects.

These super bright high efficiency LED lamps only draw 60 watts but produce very bright area lighting.

Solar PV panels and wind generators can be used to charge a central battery bank for your power supply. These high intensity LED lamps are suitable for your sign lighting, area lighting, and especially street lighting projects.

This Eco-Light's high power LED Lamp is super bright and use little energy in operation. These LED lamps produce excellent replacement options for your Street Lights saving you money in electricity costs when you don't want to wire power to your street lights. Power draw is 60 Watts, but produces very bright LED outputs.

Color Temperature: Natural White (4500K)

Weight: 20 lbs.

Resistant to shock and vibration vital for wind loading and traffic vibration.

Use your solar PV panel to charge your battery bank onsite for powering your LED solar street, or area lighting.

Patented phosphor technology for outstanding brightness and uniformity in the lighted area.

Certified for wet, foggy, and damp locations such as beach front or tropical installations.

Instant On and Off needing no warm up times.

6 Year Warranty

Using solar powered street lights you save money, especially in remote sites where electricity is either unreliable or expensive. Save money with solar street lights using these super bright LED street lamp fixtures and bulbs. This LED lamp only draws 60 watts for high-efficiency area lighting.

Solar LED Light Eco Lights Solar Street Light - LED Fixture 60 Watts ECO-SL-60Retail Price: $539.00Sale Price: $519.00