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Bright LED Fixture
20 Watts

Super intense LED high-efficiency Solar area light fixute and LED bulb. This high-efficiency LED lamp only draws 20 watts but is as bright as a 160 watt bulb. Ideal for solar PV panel battery charging power supplies, this high efficiency LED lamp and fixture is ideal for bright area lighting. Use for flag-pole for small street lighting LED systems. High efficiency Super Bright LED Lamp and Fixture for outdoor solar lighting applications.

Save 75% energy savings with twelve times more life than a standard 400 watt HID lighting bulb. Power Factor .95, IP rating 65, with a rated lifetime in Rated Hours of operation: 100,000 Hours.

LED Solar Lighting fixtures offer long life and durable performance in the real world. Very bright, and famous for low energy draw, Solar LED lights offer real advantages including being cost-effective for the energy you draw.

High-shock and vibration resistant construction makes this a practical LED lamp able to take wind loading and occasional knocking around.

Custom high brightness LED gives a bright white light ideal for area lighting projects. Use your solar PV panels to charge batteries for your local power supply.

Certified for damp locations, misty, foggy and raining climates and locales.

Instant On and Off enabled capability for many on/off cycles with no degradation of the LED lighting controller.

5 Year Warranty

These bright Wall Lights give very bright LED coverage and are super bright when given a space to light. If you need the side of your building lit, this is the right light. Ideal for solar and wind battery charging lighting power supplies. Use super bright LED for your area lighting installation.

Solar LED Light Eco Light Wall Pack Light - Bright LED Wall Fixture 20 Watts ECO-WPL-20Retail Price: $349.00Sale Price: $329.00