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Solar PV Panel

Solar PV Panel Solar Module rated at 190 Watts DC. Use for solar battery charging, and combine into large solar pv arrays. At 24 VDC this 190 watt solar pv panel is used for off grid, and grid tie net metering applications.

The ecoSolargy company manufacture one of the largest ranges of high quality solar modules from 5 watts to 285 watts.

Advanced R&D provides ecoSolargy the tools to design and build solar PV modules from the best components and incorporate advanced technology. Increase the output of your solar electric pv module array by using available Active and Passive trackers. Tracking solar electric PV module arrays will increase power and energy production vs. a static mount. Increase your power and energy production by up to 40% by tracking your solar PV panel module arrays. Use for Grid tie applications for net metering.

Manufacturing a wide range of PV panels including thin film, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline solar cell materials, ecoSolargy produces solar module lines suitable for solar projects where you need performance and reliability. Use arrays of these solar panels for residential, commercial, utility, water pumping and battery charging applications.

Apply these PV panels for battery charging, lighting, and grid-tie applications. Interconnect these excellent robust solar PV panels into module arrays to increase power, voltage and current. Use Ground-mounts, Side of Pole mounts, Top of Pole Mounts, or trackers to increase the energy production of your solar PV module arrays.

Weight: 28 lb.

ecoSolargy Solar PV Panel Solar PV Module 190 Watts ECO190Retail Price: $479.00Sale Price: $439.00