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Panel 195 Watts

EcoSolargy solar PV panel rated at 195 watts for 24 VDC output. High efficiency solar panel can be ground mounted, pole mounted Side of Pole or Top of Pole mounts for secure deployment. EcoSolargy makes a wide range of high quality solar modules for your battery charging applications. Interconnect your PV panels through a charge controller to charge batteries for your LED solar lighting project, your solar water pumping, or solar power applications.

Advanced manufacturing experience EcoSolargy makes a light weight and durable solar PV panel using high efficiency solar cells. Deploy your solar PV panel or solar array using ground, pole, or roof mounts. Increase the real power and energy of your solar PV panel rated here at 195 watts by using a tracker. Deploying your Solar PV module arrays with Zomeworks or Wattsun tracking increases energy production by up to 40%, a great investment for your solar electric PV modules.

Solar PV panels from ecoSolargy use a wide range of advanced materials including thin film, mono-crystalline, and poly-crystalline solar cells.

Solar PV panels and arrays are used for power sources for mobile electronics, battery charging, water pumping, communications, home power off grid and grid tie applications.

Ship weight: 38 lb.

ecoSolargy Solar Panel Solar Module 195 Watts ECO195Retail Price: $549.00Sale Price: $499.00