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Solar PV Panel

Solar PV Panel Solar Module rated at 200 Watts at 24 VDC.

This solar PV panel is light weight, strong and designed to rack together for larger solar power arrays. Use this 200 watt solar pv module for solar water pumping, and array for larger home power systems for stand alone off grid and grid tie net metering applications.

EcoSolargy designs and builds modules from the high efficiency components and incorporate high quality solar cell interconnection technology.

Solar PV panels from ecoSolargy Include a wide range of materials: thin film, mono-crystalline, and poly-crystalline module types, depending on the module size. Excellent solar energy response in the tropics, or high altitude locations.

Use these solar modules to power battery charging and grid-tie net metering projects tapping into solar power onsite. Build arrays of these solar pv panels by interconnecting and use mounting hardware for either Ground mount, Top of Pole Mounting, Side of Pole mounting or tracking both passive and active to increase energy production from your Solar PV modules.

Weight: 32 lb.

ecoSolargy Solar PV Panel Solar PV Module 200 Watts ECO200Retail Price: $529.00Sale Price: $519.00