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Power Smart Phones,
Tablets, and 
Computers Outdoors

Emergency Sun is a self contained power supply for powering electronics. Light weight, tough, and reliable the Emergency Sun is different from other solar chargers.

The Emergency Sun has a 12 VDC Output port which can be used as your "cigarette lighter" plug in your car as a 12 VDC plug, or plug in a USB converter to power your electronics with USB.

The Emergency Sun uses Twelve (12) Rechargeable AA batteries, available in most hardware stores worldwide. You can use your Emergency Sun as a battery charger, or a complete power supply you can take with you in an emergency, or if your camping and need a portable power supply. Batteries not included. (You source Rechargeable AA batteries at your local hardware store.)

Emergency Sun specifications:

Weight: 2.7 lbs (fully loaded with 12 Rechargeable batteries)

Height: 11 inches, Width: 7.5 inches, Depth 1.5 inches

Electrical Rating: 1500 mAH at 12 VDC

Full discharge/recharge cycles: 600 per Battery Set

Solar PV panel rated at 5 watts and should last 25 years.

Use your Emergency Sun to power your Smart Phones, GPS, Cameras and other electronics when you're in the field, outdoors, or in an Emergency and you need to be on the move.

I like to thank the following who helped launch this project on Kickstarter: Michael Resnick, Takeo Miyamoto, Marilyn Chalmers, Ian Green, Edward Pineles, Daniel Weiss, Andrew Berner, Sazad Miah, Craig and Ruth Anderson, Bjorn Anderson, Marc Redman, Gorie Radhakrishna, Mary Helen Simonson, Deb Fisher, Tawnie Potter, Michael Krantz, Charmain Coleman, Jerry Patte, Jennifer Piagaro Mahoney, Rochelle Teeny

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