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Solar Tracker increases
Energy up to 40%

ETATRACK Active 1000-30 - Up to 1,800 watt array.

Using a tracker increases the produced energy from your array. Solar PV Panels have a peak Power output when pointed at the sun. Energy is power over time, and the longer your solar PV array is pointed at the sun the more peak Power over time, the more Energy your array will produce.

Module surface of 113 ft, max power installed: 1.8 kWp, second axis: manually adjustable stepwise 0 50


total module surface up to 113 ft no failure-prone light sensor no unnecessary tracking movements low power consumption (c. 1 kWh/year) statics according to German and European standards high reliability and life-expectancy excellent serviceability cost-efficient tracking system assembly by one person possible Application single-axis tracking system for PV modules* additional energy yield of up to 40 % compared to fixed installations Design

Tracking Unit single-axis tracking system angle of second axis adjustable 0 50 in steps of 10 elevation East-West: 90 module surface up to c. 65 ft max. dimensions of mounted frames (supportive area, installation area PV modules): width: 3' 10", height: 11' 6" frame and pole: steel, hot-dip Zn-coated screw set: steel, Zn-coated module clamps made of stainless steel for mounting the PV modules using the holes in the module frame, incl. M6 stainless steel screw kits suitable for high wind speeds: statics according to German and European standards suitable for ground level installation low energy consumption: c. .9 kWh/year maintenance-free


electronics incl. battery in plastic housing supply voltage: 12 V DC (nominal voltage) up to 50 Voc (open-circuit voltage), by one of the tracked modules** stepwise tracking, depending on the daily sunshine duration (length of day) South position in darkness synchronisation of multiple units possible standby mode in periods of low irradiation*** Drive DC linear drive maintenance-free


concrete foundation with steel reinforcement (min. 43 ft) Storage & Operating Conditions ambient temperature range: 13 F to +122 F daily average ambient humidity: max. 80 % air salinity: max. 2 g/m3, or distance from coast: min. 1 km altitude: 1,300 ft to +10,000 ft MSL for detailed description of ambient conditions for safe operation, cf. installation manual designs for other conditions on request Included in Delivery kit tracking unit module clamps (cf. design): 28 sets per tracking unit for 7 PV modules fixation for optional PV module (5 or 10 Wp), incl. 2 sets module clamps** control drive

installation manual

ETATRACK Active Solar PV 1000-30 for Solar PV Panel Modules ETA-TRACK-A-1000-30Retail Price: $2,995.00Sale Price: $2,795.00